public class Separator
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A horizontal or vertical separator line. The visual appearance of this separator can be controlled via CSS. A horizontal separator occupies the full horizontal space allocated to it (less padding), and a vertical separator occupies the full vertical space allocated to it (less padding). The halignment and valignment properties determine how the separator is positioned in the other dimension, for example, how a horizontal separator is positioned vertically within its allocated space.

The separator is horizontal (i.e. isVertical() == false) by default.

The style-class for this control is "separator".

The separator provides two pseudo-classes "horizontal" and "vertical" which are mutually exclusive. The "horizontal" pseudo-class applies if the separator is horizontal, and the "vertical" pseudo-class applies if the separator is vertical.

Separator sets focusTraversable to false.

extends Control

Since:  JavaFX 2.0