public abstract class ComboBoxBase<T>
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Abstract base class for ComboBox-like controls. A ComboBox typically has a button that, when clicked, will pop up some means of allowing a user to select one or more values (depending on the implementation). This base class makes no assumptions about what happens when the show() and hide() methods are called, however commonly this results in either a popup or dialog appearing that allows for the user to provide the required information.

A ComboBox has a value property that represents the current user input. This may be based on a selection from a drop-down list, or it may be from user input when the ComboBox is editable.

An editable ComboBox is one which provides some means for an end-user to provide input for values that are not otherwise options available to them. For example, in the ComboBox implementation, an editable ComboBox provides a TextField that may be typed into. As mentioned above, when the user commits textual input into the textfield (commonly by pressing the Enter keyboard key), the value property will be updated.

The purpose of the separation between this class and, say, ComboBox is to allow for ComboBox-like controls that do not necessarily pop up a list of items. Examples of other implementations include color pickers, calendar pickers, etc. The ComboBox class provides the default, and most commonly expected implementation. Refer to that classes javadoc for more information.

extends Control

<T>    The type of the value that has been selected or otherwise entered in to this ComboBox.

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Since:  JavaFX 2.1