public class ChoiceBox<T>
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The ChoiceBox is used for presenting the user with a relatively small set of predefined choices from which they may choose. The ChoiceBox, when "showing", will display to the user these choices and allow them to pick exactly one choice. When not showing, the current choice is displayed.

By default, the ChoiceBox has no item selected unless otherwise specified. Although the ChoiceBox will only allow a user to select from the predefined list, it is possible for the developer to specify the selected item to be something other than what is available in the predefined list. This is required for several important use cases.

It means configuration of the ChoiceBox is order independent. You may either specify the items and then the selected item, or you may specify the selected item and then the items. Either way will function correctly.

ChoiceBox item selection is handled by SelectionModel As with ListView and ComboBox, it is possible to modify the SelectionModel that is used, although this is likely to be rarely changed. ChoiceBox supports only a single selection model, hence the default used is a SingleSelectionModel.

 import javafx.scene.control.ChoiceBox;

 ChoiceBox cb = new ChoiceBox();
 cb.getItems().addAll("item1", "item2", "item3");

extends Control

Since:  JavaFX 2.0