public class DefaultPersistenceDelegate
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The DefaultPersistenceDelegate is a concrete implementation of the abstract PersistenceDelegate class and is the delegate used by default for classes about which no information is available. The DefaultPersistenceDelegate provides, version resilient, public API-based persistence for classes that follow the JavaBeans™ conventions without any class specific configuration.

The key assumptions are that the class has a nullary constructor and that its state is accurately represented by matching pairs of "setter" and "getter" methods in the order they are returned by the Introspector. In addition to providing code-free persistence for JavaBeans, the DefaultPersistenceDelegate provides a convenient means to effect persistent storage for classes that have a constructor that, while not nullary, simply requires some property values as arguments.

extends PersistenceDelegate

See also:
DefaultPersistenceDelegate(String[]), java.beans.Introspector

Since:  1.4