public String toLowerCase (Locale locale)

Converts all of the characters in this String to lower case using the rules of the given Locale. Case mapping is based on the Unicode Standard version specified by the Character class. Since case mappings are not always 1:1 char mappings, the resulting String may be a different length than the original String.

Examples of lowercase mappings are in the following table:
Language Code of Locale Upper Case Lower Case Description
tr (Turkish) \u0130 \u0069 capital letter I with dot above -> small letter i
tr (Turkish) \u0049 \u0131 capital letter I -> small letter dotless i
(all) French Fries french fries lowercased all chars in String
(all) capiotacapchi capthetacapupsil capsigma iotachi thetaupsilon sigma lowercased all chars in String

locale    use the case transformation rules for this locale

Returns:  the String, converted to lowercase.

See also:
java.lang.String.toLowerCase(), java.lang.String.toUpperCase(), java.lang.String.toUpperCase(Locale)

Since:  1.1