public final class RequestingUserName
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Class RequestingUserName is a printing attribute class, a text attribute, that specifies the name of the end user that submitted the print job. A requesting user name is an arbitrary string defined by the client. The printer does not put the client-specified RequestingUserName attribute into the Print Job's attribute set; rather, the printer puts in a JobOriginatingUserName attribute. This means that services which support specifying a username with this attribute should also report a JobOriginatingUserName in the job's attribute set. Note that many print services may have a way to independently authenticate the user name, and so may state support for a requesting user name, but in practice will then report the user name authenticated by the service rather than that specified via this attribute.

IPP Compatibility: The string value gives the IPP name value. The locale gives the IPP natural language. The category name returned by getName() gives the IPP attribute name.

extends TextSyntax implements PrintRequestAttribute