public final class PageRanges
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Class PageRanges is a printing attribute class, a set of integers, that identifies the range(s) of print-stream pages that the Printer object uses for each copy of each document which are to be printed. Nothing is printed for any pages identified that do not exist in the document(s). The attribute is associated with print-stream pages, not application-numbered pages (for example, the page numbers found in the headers and or footers for certain word processing applications).

In most cases, the exact pages to be printed will be generated by a device driver and this attribute would not be required. However, when printing an archived document which has already been formatted, the end user may elect to print just a subset of the pages contained in the document. In this case, if a page range of "n-m" is specified, the first page to be printed will be page n. All subsequent pages of the document will be printed through and including page m.

If a PageRanges attribute is not specified for a print job, all pages of the document will be printed. In other words, the default value for the PageRanges attribute is always {{1, Integer.MAX_VALUE}}.

The effect of a PageRanges attribute on a multidoc print job (a job with multiple documents) depends on whether all the docs have the same page ranges specified or whether different docs have different page ranges specified, and on the (perhaps defaulted) value of the MultipleDocumentHandling attribute.

IPP Compatibility: The PageRanges attribute's canonical array form gives the lower and upper bound for each range of pages to be included in and IPP "page-ranges" attribute. See class SetOfIntegerSyntax for an explanation of canonical array form. The category name returned by getName() gives the IPP attribute name.

extends SetOfIntegerSyntax implements DocAttribute, PrintRequestAttribute, PrintJobAttribute