public final class JobName
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Class JobName is a printing attribute class, a text attribute, that specifies the name of a print job. A job's name is an arbitrary string defined by the client. It does not need to be unique between different jobs. A Print Job's JobName attribute is set to the value supplied by the client in the Print Request's attribute set. If, however, the client does not supply a JobName attribute in the Print Request, the printer, when it creates the Print Job, must generate a JobName. The printer should generate the value of the Print Job's JobName attribute from the first of the following sources that produces a value: (1) the DocumentName attribute of the first (or only) doc in the job, (2) the URL of the first (or only) doc in the job, if the doc's print data representation object is a URL, or (3) any other piece of Print Job specific and/or document content information.

IPP Compatibility: The string value gives the IPP name value. The locale gives the IPP natural language. The category name returned by getName() gives the IPP attribute name.

extends TextSyntax implements PrintRequestAttribute, PrintJobAttribute