public final class JobMessageFromOperator
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Class JobMessageFromOperator is a printing attribute class, a text attribute, that provides a message from an operator, system administrator, or "intelligent" process to indicate to the end user the reasons for modification or other management action taken on a job.

A Print Job's attribute set includes zero instances or one instance of a JobMessageFromOperator attribute, not more than one instance. A new JobMessageFromOperator attribute replaces an existing JobMessageFromOperator attribute, if any. In other words, JobMessageFromOperator is not intended to be a history log. If it wishes, the client can detect changes to a Print Job's JobMessageFromOperator attribute and maintain the client's own history log of the JobMessageFromOperator attribute values.

IPP Compatibility: The string value gives the IPP name value. The locale gives the IPP natural language. The category name returned by getName() gives the IPP attribute name.

extends TextSyntax implements PrintJobAttribute