public final class JobHoldUntil
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Class JobHoldUntil is a printing attribute class, a date-time attribute, that specifies the exact date and time at which the job must become a candidate for printing.

If the value of this attribute specifies a date-time that is in the future, the printer should add the JobStateReason value of JOB_HOLD_UNTIL_SPECIFIED to the job's JobStateReasons attribute, must move the job to the PENDING_HELD state, and must not schedule the job for printing until the specified date-time arrives.

When the specified date-time arrives, the printer must remove the JobStateReason value of JOB_HOLD_UNTIL_SPECIFIED from the job's JobStateReasons attribute, if present. If there are no other job state reasons that keep the job in the PENDING_HELD state, the printer must consider the job as a candidate for processing by moving the job to the PENDING state.

If the specified date-time has already passed, the job must be a candidate for processing immediately. Thus, one way to make the job immediately become a candidate for processing is to specify a JobHoldUntil attribute constructed like this (denoting a date-time of January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT):

     JobHoldUntil immediately = new JobHoldUntil (new Date (0L));

If the client does not supply this attribute in a Print Request and the printer supports this attribute, the printer must use its (implementation-dependent) default JobHoldUntil value at job submission time (unlike most job template attributes that are used if necessary at job processing time).

To construct a JobHoldUntil attribute from separate values of the year, month, day, hour, minute, and so on, use a Calendar object to construct a Date object, then use the Date object to construct the JobHoldUntil attribute. To convert a JobHoldUntil attribute to separate values of the year, month, day, hour, minute, and so on, create a Calendar object and set it to the Date from the JobHoldUntil attribute.

IPP Compatibility: Although IPP supports a "job-hold-until" attribute specified as a keyword, IPP does not at this time support a "job-hold-until" attribute specified as a date and time. However, the date and time can be converted to one of the standard IPP keywords with some loss of precision; for example, a JobHoldUntil value with today's date and 9:00pm local time might be converted to the standard IPP keyword "night". The category name returned by getName() gives the IPP attribute name.

extends DateTimeSyntax implements PrintRequestAttribute, PrintJobAttribute