public final class Destination
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Class Destination is a printing attribute class, a URI, that is used to indicate an alternate destination for the spooled printer formatted data. Many PrintServices will not support the notion of a destination other than the printer device, and so will not support this attribute.

A common use for this attribute will be applications which want to redirect output to a local disk file : eg."file:out.prn". Note that proper construction of "file:" scheme URI instances should be performed using the toURI() method of class File. See the documentation on that class for more information.

If a destination URI is specified in a PrintRequest and it is not accessible for output by the PrintService, a PrintException will be thrown. The PrintException may implement URIException to provide a more specific cause.

IPP Compatibility: Destination is not an IPP attribute.

extends URISyntax implements PrintJobAttribute, PrintRequestAttribute