public final class Chromaticity
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Class Chromaticity is a printing attribute class, an enumeration, that specifies monochrome or color printing. This is used by a print client to specify how the print data should be generated or processed. It is not descriptive of the color capabilities of the device. Query the service's ColorSupported attribute to determine if the device can be verified to support color printing.

The table below shows the effects of specifying a Chromaticity attribute of MONOCHROME or COLOR for a monochrome or color document.
Shows effects of specifying MONOCHROME or COLOR Chromaticity attributes
Effect on
Monochrome Document
Effect on
Color Document
MONOCHROME Printed as is, in monochrome Printed in monochrome, with colors converted to shades of gray
COLOR Printed as is, in monochrome Printed as is, in color

IPP Compatibility: Chromaticity is not an IPP attribute at present.

extends EnumSyntax implements DocAttribute, PrintRequestAttribute, PrintJobAttribute