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This website presents enhanced Java class diagrams. The diagrams are interactive and allow access to the complete API documentation. Please see the video for more information.

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* 22. Apr 2018

Java 10

The site now contains diagrams for Java 10 and JavaFX 10.

The differences in the Application Programmer Interface (API) between Java 9 and Java 10 are very small. There is only one new public class and only 75 new methods. Therefore I decided to remove the Java 9 diagrams totaly and handle the Java 8 release as the previous version of Java 10. The red exclamation marks in the Java 10 diagrams therfore show all elements that have been added since Java 8.

PayPal Donations

A new PayPal link has been introduced to give users the option to help out by donating with PayPal.

* 8. Apr 2018

New Patreon campaign

There is new content for the Patreon campaign. Now all classes in java.util are available in high resolution for printing. And there are 3 extra diagrams for JUnit and Mockito. Also there is now some heuristics to avoid page boundaries going through type panels. The diagrams are already updated to Java 10.

Effective Java and the @implSpec Tag

      One of the most important books about Java is Effective Java (3rd Edition) by Joshua Bloch. The 3rd edition has been recently published by Addison-Wesley. Also available at Amazon German

While reading chapter 19 "Design And Document For Inheritance Or Else Prohibit It" I came to this section

The @implSpec tag was added in Java 8 and used heavily in Java 9. This tag should be enabled by default, but as of Java 9, the Javadoc utility still ignores it.

Indeed, the @implSpec tag is not shown in the official Java Documentation of Java 9. One of the few ways to see these tags is on this site. The @implSpec tag is always shown here.

* 01. Feb 2018

New Patreon campaign

I started a Patreon campaign. The intention is to gather funds to continue to host, manage and update this site. As reward I offer high resolution images of the diagrams in pdf and png format. This month will start with JavaFX.

Guestbook is now Twitter

The guestbook was retired. Because of the massive spam in the old guestbook I required an extensive captcha. This made the guestbook quite difficult to use and in the end spam got still through. As replacement I will now use Twitter. Please go there if you want to leave a comment and follow me if you want to get noticed of updates.

* 21. Jan 2018

I created a new video to explain this web site The video is only 5 minutes long and also contains a hint about an undocumented functionality. On Twitter I tell a bit more about the video and there is also a version where you can hear my german accent...

Also the Java 9 diagrams have been updated to use the sources from JDK 9.0.4.

* 5. Nov 2017

New functionality introduced:

Clicking the use of a type now reveals a pop-up with the complete type panel. The added type panel is fully interactive. All doc comments of the pop-up type are accessible.

Type Reveal
Click to view an animation.

* 15. Oct 2017

4 new features:

1. JavaFX 9

Class diagrams for JavaFX 9 have been added.

2. Retina display

On a new MacBook with retina display the class diagrams of this website look not satisfactory. A retina option for high dpi displays is introduced to remedy this problem.

Retina Resolution
Click to view an animation.

The retina option is not enabled by default, because the readability on standard dpi displays is better without it.

3. Inheritance in type comments

Inheritance information is now included in the JavaDoc comment of a type. This is necessary because the full information about generic super types can not be displayed otherwise.

JavaDoc Inheritance

Update: the inheritance information is now displayed after the main comment.

4. Disqus forum

The FAQ now contains a Disqus forum.

* 8. Oct 2017

Big update! New class diagrams for all classes of the Java 9 standard edition added. The exception are the JavaFX classes which will be added in the next release. Furthermore, the functionality of the website has been improved in two regards.

Comprehensive type descriptions

Pop-up windows for types now contain links to instances where the type is used. The links are organized in different categories. More information can be found in the description pages .

JavaDoc comment appearence
Click to view an animation of the different tab contents.

Progressive disclosure for hidden elements

Hidden elements could already be displayed by clicking the hidding notification. The JavaDoc comments of these hidden elements can now been further revealed by a consecutive click. Hidden Elements
Click to view an animation of progressive disclosure in action.

* 1. July 2017

The diagram explanation pages have been revised. Many thanks to Mark Eifert for his support.

Also the Google site search for the Java 7 diagrams seems to work now.

* 19. Jun 2017

Class diagrams for Java 7 have been added to the website. The site search for the Java 7 diagrams will most likely not work until Google indexes the new pages.

In the next days I will start a poll to see if there is interest for Java 6 class diagrams.

* 5. Jun 2017

1. The Diagram explanation pages have been updated.

2. Now the class diagrams for JavaFX also contain links to the relevant chapters of "The Java Client Tutorials". More links to other resources will be added in the future.

Input of the Java community would be appreciated. If YOU think a diagram could benefit from an useful link, please notify me by email or the contact formular.

3. The Google site search in the upper right corner works again as intended.

* 9. Mar 2017

The class diagrams for Java 8 now contain links to the relevant chapters of "The Java Tutorials".

javafx.beans.property.ObjectProperty Java FX 9
javafx.beans.property ObjectProperty
javax.crypto.Key Java 9
JavaFX Control Hierarchy Java FX 9
Control Hierarchy
javax.swing.JRootPane Java 9
javafx.scene.effect Java FX 9
javafx.scene.effect.Effect examples
javax.print.attribute Java 9
javax.lang.element Java 9
java.util.function Java 9
java.time Java 9
java.nio.channel Java 9