public class TreeTableCell<S, T>
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Represents a single row/column intersection in a TreeTableView. To represent this intersection, a TreeTableCell contains an index property, as well as a tableColumn property. In addition, a TreeTableCell instance knows what TreeTableRow it exists in.

A note about selection: A TreeTableCell visually shows it is selected when two conditions are met:

  1. The TableSelectionModel.isSelected(int, TableColumnBase) method returns true for the row / column that this cell represents, and
  2. The cell selection mode property is set to true (to represent that it is allowable to select individual cells (and not just rows of cells)).

extends IndexedCell<T>

<T>    The type of the item contained within the Cell.

See also:
TreeTableView, TreeTableColumn, Cell, IndexedCell, TreeTableRow

Since:  JavaFX 8.0