public abstract class BooleanProperty
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This class provides a full implementation of a Property wrapping a boolean value.

The value of a BooleanProperty can be get and set with get(), getValue(), set(boolean), and setValue(Boolean).

A property can be bound and unbound unidirectional with bind(ObservableValue) and unbind(). Bidirectional bindings can be created and removed with bindBidirectional(Property) and unbindBidirectional(Property).

The context of a BooleanProperty can be read with getBean() and getName().

Note: setting or binding this property to a null value will set the property to "false". See setValue(java.lang.Boolean).

extends ReadOnlyBooleanProperty implements Property<Boolean>, WritableBooleanValue

See also:
javafx.beans.value.ObservableBooleanValue, javafx.beans.value.WritableBooleanValue, ReadOnlyBooleanProperty, Property

Since:  JavaFX 2.0