public void setDragEnabled (boolean b)

Turns on or off automatic drag handling. In order to enable automatic drag handling, this property should be set to true, and the list's TransferHandler needs to be non-null. The default value of the dragEnabled property is false.

The job of honoring this property, and recognizing a user drag gesture, lies with the look and feel implementation, and in particular, the list's ListUI. When automatic drag handling is enabled, most look and feels (including those that subclass BasicLookAndFeel) begin a drag and drop operation whenever the user presses the mouse button over an item and then moves the mouse a few pixels. Setting this property to true can therefore have a subtle effect on how selections behave.

If a look and feel is used that ignores this property, you can still begin a drag and drop operation by calling exportAsDrag on the list's TransferHandler.

b    whether or not to enable automatic drag handling

HeadlessException    if b is true and GraphicsEnvironment.isHeadless() returns true

See also:
java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.isHeadless, getDragEnabled, setTransferHandler, TransferHandler

Since:  1.4

@beaninfo description: determines whether automatic drag handling is enabled bound: false