public abstract int getWrapSizeLimit (int qop, boolean confReq, int maxTokenSize) throws GSSException

Used to determine limits on the size of the message that can be passed to wrap. Returns the maximum message size that, if presented to the wrap method with the same confReq and qop parameters, will result in an output token containing no more than maxTokenSize bytes.

This call is intended for use by applications that communicate over protocols that impose a maximum message size. It enables the application to fragment messages prior to applying protection.

GSS-API implementations are recommended but not required to detect invalid QOP values when getWrapSizeLimit is called. This routine guarantees only a maximum message size, not the availability of specific QOP values for message protection.

qop    the level of protection wrap will be asked to provide.
confReq    true if wrap will be asked to provide privacy, false otherwise.
maxTokenSize    the desired maximum size of the token emitted by wrap.

Returns:  the maximum size of the input token for the given output token size

GSSException    containing the following major error codes: GSSException.CONTEXT_EXPIRED, GSSException.BAD_QOP, GSSException.FAILURE