protected Popup getPopup (Component owner, Component contents, int x, int y, boolean isHeavyWeightPopup) throws IllegalArgumentException

Creates a Popup for the Component owner containing the Component contents. The window containing the component owner will be used as the parent window. A null owner implies there is no valid parent. x and y specify the preferred initial location to place the Popup at. Based on screen size, or other parameters, the Popup may not display at x and y. isHeavyWeightPopup specifies if the Popup will be heavyweight. Passing true will force the Popup type to be heavyweight, otherwise Popup type will be selected by Popup factory. Lightweight Popup windows are more efficient than heavyweight (native peer) windows, but lightweight and heavyweight components do not mix well in a GUI. This method is intended to be used only by PopupFactory sub-classes.

owner    Component mouse coordinates are relative to, may be null
contents    Contents of the Popup
x    Initial x screen coordinate
y    Initial y screen coordinate
isHeavyWeightPopup    true if Popup should be heavy weight, otherwise popup type will be selected by popup factory.

Returns:  Popup containing Contents

IllegalArgumentException    if contents is null