public abstract interface TemporalAdjuster
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Strategy for adjusting a temporal object.

Adjusters are a key tool for modifying temporal objects. They exist to externalize the process of adjustment, permitting different approaches, as per the strategy design pattern. Examples might be an adjuster that sets the date avoiding weekends, or one that sets the date to the last day of the month.

There are two equivalent ways of using a TemporalAdjuster. The first is to invoke the method on this interface directly. The second is to use Temporal.with(TemporalAdjuster):

   // these two lines are equivalent, but the second approach is recommended
   temporal = thisAdjuster.adjustInto(temporal);
   temporal = temporal.with(thisAdjuster);
It is recommended to use the second approach, with(TemporalAdjuster), as it is a lot clearer to read in code.

The TemporalAdjusters class contains a standard set of adjusters, available as static methods. These include:

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Since:  1.8

@implSpec This interface places no restrictions on the mutability of implementations, however immutability is strongly recommended.