public static int parseInt (CharSequence s, int beginIndex, int endIndex, int radix) throws NumberFormatException

Parses the CharSequence argument as a signed int in the specified radix, beginning at the specified beginIndex and extending to endIndex - 1.

The method does not take steps to guard against the CharSequence being mutated while parsing.

s    the CharSequence containing the int representation to be parsed
beginIndex    the beginning index, inclusive.
endIndex    the ending index, exclusive.
radix    the radix to be used while parsing s.

Returns:  the signed int represented by the subsequence in the specified radix.

NullPointerException    if s is null.
IndexOutOfBoundsException    if beginIndex is negative, or if beginIndex is greater than endIndex or if endIndex is greater than s.length().
NumberFormatException    if the CharSequence does not contain a parsable int in the specified radix, or if radix is either smaller than java.lang.Character.MIN_RADIX or larger than java.lang.Character.MAX_RADIX.

Since:  9