public static String toUnsignedString (int i, int radix)

Returns a string representation of the first argument as an unsigned integer value in the radix specified by the second argument.

If the radix is smaller than Character.MIN_RADIX or larger than Character.MAX_RADIX, then the radix 10 is used instead.

Note that since the first argument is treated as an unsigned value, no leading sign character is printed.

If the magnitude is zero, it is represented by a single zero character '0' ( '\u0030'); otherwise, the first character of the representation of the magnitude will not be the zero character.

The behavior of radixes and the characters used as digits are the same as toString.

i    an integer to be converted to an unsigned string.
radix    the radix to use in the string representation.

Returns:  an unsigned string representation of the argument in the specified radix.

See also:
toString(int, int)

Since:  1.8