public static String toHexString (double d)

Returns a hexadecimal string representation of the double argument. All characters mentioned below are ASCII characters.

Floating-point ValueHexadecimal String
1.0 0x1.0p0
-1.0 -0x1.0p0
2.0 0x1.0p1
3.0 0x1.8p1
0.5 0x1.0p-1
0.25 0x1.0p-2
Double.MAX_VALUE 0x1.fffffffffffffp1023
Minimum Normal Value 0x1.0p-1022
Maximum Subnormal Value 0x0.fffffffffffffp-1022
Double.MIN_VALUE 0x0.0000000000001p-1022

d    the double to be converted.

Returns:  a hex string representation of the argument.

Since:  1.5