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This website presents enhanced class diagrams which allow to browse the Javadoc API documentation.

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1. July 2017

The diagram explanation pages have been revised. Many thanks go to Mark Eifert for his input.

Also the Google site search for the Java 7 diagrams seems to work now.

19. Jun 2017

Class diagrams for Java 7 have been added to the website. The site search for the Java 7 diagrams will most likely not work until Google indexes the new pages.

In the next days I will start a poll to see if there is interest for Java 6 class diagrams.

5. Jun 2017

1. The Diagram explanation pages have been updated.

2. Now the class diagrams for JavaFX also contain links to the relevant chapters of "The Java Client Tutorials". More links to other resources will be added in the future.

Input of the Java community would be appreciated. If YOU think a diagram could benefit from an useful link, please notify me by email or the contact formular.

3. The Google site search in the upper right corner works again as intended.

09. Mar 2017

The class diagrams for Java 8 now contain links to the relevant chapters of "The Java Tutorials".

17. Feb 2017

JavaFX is complete. All JavaFX classes are now documented.
More diagrams have been updated and are now in their final form.

12. Jan 2017

New year update! Diagrams for all relevant classes of the Java 8 Standard Edition are online! The exceptions are the org.corba.* and javax.management.* packages. While CORBA will be left alone for the time being, there seem to be some licensing issues with the javax.management classes.

10. Dec 2016

This update is mainly about JavaFX. The scene.control.* packages are complete. 70% of all JavaFX classes are now documented. Again some errors were fixed and I also changed the way empty types are visualized.

Visualizing Empty Interfaces

This makes it possible to better recognize if an interface has additional members, even when only the header is displayed.

29. Nov 2016

Update for Java 8. The packages javax.xml.* and org.ietf are new. Also some errors were fixed.

23. Nov 2016

A new guestbook for visitors and a contact formular was added.

16. Nov 2016

Big update for Java 8. 115 class diagrams were added. The packages javax.sound.*, javax.sql and javax.swing.* are now fully mapped.

07. Nov 2016

Some issues resolved. 19 new class diagrams for JavaFX - 32% of all JavaFX classes covered.

03. Nov 2016

19 class diagrams for the javax.print.*, javax.rmi and javax.script packages added.

New JavaFX project startet.

What's coming

   •   Backport diagrams to Java 6 if needed.
   •   Diagrams for Java 9.
   •   Inquiry which other libraries should be mapped.
   •   More functionality for the website.
   •   Donation pages.
   •   Soliciting support for the diagram designer program.

javafx.beans.property.ObjectProperty Java FX
javafx.beans.property ObjectProperty
javax.crypto.Key Java 8
JavaFX Control Hierarchy Java FX
Control Hierarchy
javax.swing.JRootPane Java 8
javafx.scene.effect Java FX
javafx.scene.effect.Effect examples
javax.print.attribute Java 8
javax.lang.element Java 8
java.util.function Java 8
java.time Java 8
java.nio.channel Java 8